About Me

Hello! A little about myself,…


Taken at Western Carolina University 2016

My name is Hilary Underwood and I’m a Recent Public Relations Graduate seeking a professional position within a public relations or integrated marketing communication environment that leverages my skills in client relations, writing, event management, and digital and social media communications.

While being a student at Western Carolina University, I lead the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter and was a member of the LGBT club on campus. While leading PRSSA on campus, I quickly made the head teacher of the organization my role model, Dr. Scott Eldredge. We worked together to make the chapter stronger and he guided me in my campaign for Jackson County Green Enery Park during my senior year. With his guidance and my determination, I fell in love with communications and the inspiration it can cause when your heart is in the right place.

My passion for communications sparked when I made a speech about LGBT abuse and how we can solve it. Granted, this was in 2012, where the issue was in the news daily. When I finished the speech, I realized how many hearts and minds I could change by speaking about the issues with compassion and knowledge. From that day forward, I felt like a simple speech could change the world. My passion for public relations continued when I worked on my campaign at Jackson County Green Energy Park. The JCGEP director, Timm Muth, needed help getting more studios for rent in his hot arts park, and with JCGEP being county funded he was having a difficult time. JCGEP was special to the small community of Dillsboro because it was a green energy park, pulling the methane out of a local landfill to fuel the hot arts. Our team accomplished more filled artist spots for him and the county commissioners having a run of the park by themselves for a day and experiencing the hot blown glass, black smithing, and pottery the art park had to offer. When we received the top of our campaigns class, we were so excited and proud of our work.

My passion is working for the right causes or businesses and making a better difference to this world we live in.

As for hobbies, growing up in my teenage years I was always interested in technology, design, and planning events. Those things haven’t changed through the years as I’ve used my skills in Adobe Creative Suite and web design to assist my public relations career. In my free time I like to blog about cosplay, be crafty with sewing, and watch movies.

My life philosophy is “always push forward and remember the past to not repeat the future,” because we need to know history so we do not repeat ourselves, but always push forward to be better.