About Me

Hello, my name is Hilary Underwood.

I’m a charming and an adaptable professional who is driven and image-conscious.

Thanks for visiting my ‘about me’ page of my portfolio website.

This isn’t your average internet college graduate droning on about my accomplishments and praises– this is the real world, and flaws are important to learn from in the real world.

You could throw a rock in Wal-mart and hit someone an employee who has a college degree. Unfortunately, the evidence is there– Millenials are the most educated and underpaid professionals compared to past generations. See the article on Forbes here.

Education is the key to progress; however, a college degree does not mean someone is educated. Failure happens to all of us, and it’s a natural part of the life experience we have as human beings. It’s been a long road of healing for me, and the failures I’ve had in my career have shaped who I am today.

I graduted from Western Carolina University in 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication with a concentration on public relations. I often “hammered in-the-fact” that I had a college bachelor’s degree. All through our classes of portfolio and resume preparations, a required internship to graduate, and a competitive graduating class had me prepared for career hunting– or so I thought.

My old career objectives were:

My name is Hilary Underwood and I’m a Recent Public Relations Graduate seeking a professional position within a public relations or integrated marketing communication environment that leverages my skills in client relations, writing, event management, and digital and social media communications.

After the hectic year that was 2020, I’ve decided to change my objectives. Yes, a career in my field where I studied would be ideal… however, I’ve hit some hardships along the way. Heres some of them:

Having an internship at the Great Smoky Mtn Railroad in Bryson City, NC, was fun. Yes, I had the classic trope of a cubicle in the costume closet and it took me 2 months to get a basic computer, but I enjoyed all the different experiences I learned with the internship. Some days, I was helping HR. Other days, I was helping Marketing. The days after that? I was helping with pumpkin patch and polar express events, communicating one-on-one with the passengers. The internship allowed me to apply my fresh skills in a real business situation.

After leaving the internship after 8 months for better opportunities, I quickly fell into the pit-of-no-return: retail sales. My colleague Brandon put it best for me years ago, while in college:

Once you get into sales, it’s so hard to get out! You’ll apply for job after job, and they’ll just see you have “sales experience” only to be dragged into it again. –Thanks, Brandon.

Brandon was right. After working in the mall for two years, trying to find an office job became a hard obstacle. Granted, the area I live in is not urban and more rural. Times were tough and I applied to 75 different jobs in the year 2016. I only received 1 offer (along with finding 2 scams), and accepted the offer immediately at the Omni Grove Park Inn as a Reservations Agent.

Being in hospitality for the past 4 years has improved my customer service, and I’ve gotten to flex my public relations muscles more than I could count. My new career objectives are to have a job title such as, but not limited to: account manager, communications specialist, media relations representative, and a marketing and communications officer. My secondary preferred job titles are related to hospitality, receptionist, or auditing.

I appreciate your time in reading the “about me” section of my portfolio. Your time is very important to me, and we all deserve some time to recoup after the wild 2020 year we had. Click here for one of my favorite videos on the YouTube, to help you relax.