Client Work

This page is dedicated to my client work throughout my professional career and school history. It’s categorized by year below.


Starting back into client writings, I started working heavily into my resume writing and my love for design and costuming. I have completed some Photoshop heavy elements with photography with Adobe Photoshop CC.



A logo I created for my writing website-to-never-be. Still looks good though!

A rough year, working at Bath & Body Works to make ends meet and starting at a call center as a Reservation Agent. I focused mainly on getting out of retail after college, there was a creativity block this year.I attempted to start a website for my writing with professional, technical, and fiction-based writing and found myself at a loss. I am able to make excellent branding logos and show off my creativity.


Spring 2016

Librarycon at the Haywood County Public Library

Librarycon was a free event to the public hosted by the Haywood County Public Library in order to get the local community more involved with their public library. Comic book lovers and geeks of all ages gathered to join in on the fun we had hosting panels and providing education about how libraries are essential to our community while gathering people with the same hobbies.

I work on their Facebook Page and volunteer for panels pertaining to cosplay as well as being a panel judge for their costume contest.



Summer 2015

For the summer of 2015, I was the Marketing/PR/Special Events Intern at The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad and the Social Media Manager/Digital Media Designer at TwistekCase, a kickstarter campaign for a cell phone holder.

The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad


From early May to late October, I assisted The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad with numerous tasks.


I assisted the marketing team in brochure distribution across WNC and East Tennessee, as well as advertising assistance with local business-to-business distribution and our GSMR membership club, 1702 club, meetings. In addition, I managed an excel sheet of survey cards that contained responses from customers after their excursion.


Whether it was cleaning our online image by contacting websites with misinformation or attending a job fair or promotional fair booth to gain employees and customers, I was there to help. One of the main PR features I did for GSMR was to assist in the “Raildawg” social media campaign for the local depot deck cafe.


Charlie Brown and the gain. I took the photo that is on the Facebook post.

Raildawg Menu

Banquet Event Order Form


Special Eventsmacneilluncorked

The majority of my tasks for GSMR were special event related. For starters, I managed our Dinotrain event staff on-board the excursion as well as made promotional items (Digital and physical) for our MacNeill Uncorked wine tasting excursions. Making promotional bags for 1000+ kids and giving them a memorable time aboard the train was rewarding in itself.

Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany

In addition, I also assisted in managing a 250+ guest list for Wet Your Whistle, Railfest excursion and help our Special Events Coordinator with promotional items and set-up for every event: Raffles, customer service, and most of all: selling our excursions!



TwistekCase was a Kickstarter that I worked on for several months during my internship at the railroad. I managed their social media and calendars via hootsuite on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. My knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite impressed them to where I became their main design lead. Below are a few examples of my graphic work for them.

Reward_chart_draft Twistek_History Twistek_Kickstarter_Demo_2 Twistek_Sticker_3x4


Jackson County Green Energy Park Logo

Jackson County Green Energy Park (JCGEP) was my groups client for our campaign class in Spring 2015. JCGEP is a unique art studio tucked in the mountains of Dillsboro, NC, that is powered by methane from the local landfill. Environmentally friendly and helping the local economy of the small town of Dillsboro, it has been a joy to work with the director, Timm Muth.

Our group hosted two events, one artist open house and another V.I.P. night for the commissioners funding JCGEP to be treated to a comp’d glass blowing class and personal talk with directors. We were able to promote the park within the Jackson County community and add artists and more political activism at the environmentally friendly energy park.

Here is the full .PDF of our campaign with included work samples and a press release: JCGEP Campaign 

These videos were completed by Mary Wiedel, who was in our JCGEP Campaign Team.

JCGEP Artist Open House & Competition

JCGEP Artist Open House & Competition

Continued, Spring 2014

PRSSA Leadership

Public Relations Student Society of America – Western Carolina University Chapter

Conferences Attended

  • Shadow Day at Porter Novelli in Atlanta, GA.
  • PR Day at University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.
  • Real World Atlanta PR Conference at The Marriot in Atlanta, GA.
  • PRSSA National Assembly at the Waterfront Marriot in Portland, OR.



Roles of a PRSSA President

  • Recommend and direct the execution of policies and programs in the interests of the chapter and with the approval of membership and advisers.
  • Establish PRSSA objectives and goals.
  • Set deadlines and delegate responsibilities.
  • Evaluation progress and refine plan monthly or weekly.
  • Preside over meetings by drafting agendas, introducing speakers and handling announcements.
  • Assisting the treasurer in collecting annual dues and assume responsibility for providing accurate information on the accompany dues form to be forwarded to PRSSA National Headquarters.
  • Keep in contact with national leaders.
  • Delegate responsibilities if Officer resigns or forfeits.
  • Encourage communication and teamwork.
  • Continually update OrgSync and maintain members.

I was Vice-President in Fall 2014, and in Spring 2015 I became President of WCU PRSSA. Some of the events that we planned during my time on the executive board  are:

Fall 2014

  • Focus Group about WCU PRSSA (September)
  • Social Media Committee Forms (October)
  • Porter Novelli Shadow Day (September)
  • University of Tennessee PR Conference (November)
  • Planning for Spring Semester (December)

Spring 2015

  • Internship Workshop (January)
  • Atlanta Real World Conference (February)
  • T-Shirt Contest (March)
  • Recruitment Classroom Visits (March)

Digital Work for WCU PRSSA




FALL 2014


“The Dillsboro Dish” is a newsletter for the town of Dillsboro that my partner and I wrote articles for in the Fall 2014 semester.

October 2014 Monthly Newletter

Featured Colorfest, a fine art event in Dillsboro, NC.

If the Dillsboro Dish website link is down, here is a copy.

December 2014 Monthly Newsletter

Featured Lights & Luminaries, Country Tradition’s, and the WNC Pottery Festival. 

If the Dillsboro Dish website link is down, here is a copy.


“Signature Brew Coffee Company” was my client for Advertising Writing. A local coffee company in Sylva, NC, during the Spring 2014 semester. My partner and I worked with Signature Brew on a number of different design and written advertisements.




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