Apple Bends Under Pressure


Apple has a huge following, and currently the iPhone has been under pressure with their new iPhone 6 plus released this month. The problem that has arisen is that with enough heat applied, the iPhone bends right under the volume key to the point where it becomes unusable. Many people who have had their iPhone in their pocket and have sat down with it have realized that their $900 device bends to defying angle.

From a public relations perspective, this is a problem for Apple’s brand of integrity.

Research has been applied by Apple as they have seen their stocks fall and close.

“Apple shares closed down nearly 4 percent at $97.87 on Thursday, (Sept. 18) wiping out nearly $23 billion in market” (Reuters) Along with actual YouTube video feeds dedicated to “iPhone 6 plus bend test” and a hashtag feed on twitter has allowed social media to blow this up substantially.

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Interviewing the Porter Novelli Team

Day in the life of corporate PR

porter_novelli_logo_detailI visited Porter Novelli on their Shadow Day. Here is an interview with some of their team members during the Q&A session of the panel.

What kind of different tasks do you deal with on a daily basis?

“Being in public relations is like being a professional firefighter,” said Eduardo Lopez, crisis analyst. Lopez went on to say that when companies have a “fire,” PR professionals are there to put it out.

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Being a Professional Fire-Fighter

Learn What it Takes to Land a PR Job

I visited Porter Novelli which facilitated a shadow day event hosted by the Georgia’s Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Chapter on Oct. 16 in Atlanta, GA. The shadow day was to educate and inspire future PRSA professionals interested in corporate work. I’m vice president of my Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter, so I wanted to go for experience.


The position opportunities for Porter Novelli employees range diversely. Here are a few examples of what they do:

  • Media relations, strategic planning, analytics and data research, along with corporate and sports reputation management.
  • Digital designers create company fact sheets and website codes. They also edit videos and photos.
  • Analyst’s crunch numbers and turn thousands of data research lines into a few sentences for the client.
  • RADAR is crisis communication involving monitoring mass social media data.

“Being in public relations is like being a professional firefighter,” said Eduardo Lopez, crisis analyst.

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