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Television Script Writing Sample

Television Script

Susan Shelton & Hilary Underwood


Signature Brew Coffee is something to be celebrated all day long.


CU: Calendar with anniversary date circled

MS: Woman in sweatpants cooking dinner and wiping forehead of sweat.

XCU: Two eggs with two strips of bacon formed almost into a smiley face.

CU: Woman’s hand opening coffee container to find it empty.

WS: Woman turns to sound of husband’s voice.

WS: Man comes into scene carrying a coffee cup tray and a bag with Signature Brew’s logo.

MS: Man holds up coffee cup tray with one arm.

Tilt-down: Man holds up bag with logo and grins.

WS: Woman looks confused and steps closer to man within touching distance.

MS: Man smiles down at her with romantic eyes. Takes her oven mitted hand and places a kiss on it.

WS: Man and woman sit on back deck looking out at the Blue Ridge mountains while coffee cups are steaming and the weather is an early morning sunset.

CG: Signature Brew Coffee’s logo and business title across screen with transparent blur block background so audience can still see the mountain scene behind it.

SFX: Sizzling and cooking breakfast (:02)

SFX: Spatula scraping against pan (:02)

SFX: Popping of bacon grease (:02)

SFX: Popping open of coffee can lid (:01)

Woman: “Tch, Oh no….” (:02)

SFX: Door Opens (:01)

MAN: “Honey I’m home!” (:02)

WOMAN: “Perfect timing, we’re out of coffee.” (:03)

MAN: “Oh, I know. So I went to Signature Brew Coffee for us!” (:03)

MAN: “And I brought extra!” (:02)

WOMAN: “I thought we were celebrating there tonight!” (:03)

MAN: “Well this is something I celebrate all day.” (:03)

SFX: Acoustic guitar (:01)

(Fade to Background)

VO: “No mountain morning is complete without signature brew coffee.” (:03)