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Request for Proposal Writing Example

Hairy Queen’s

52 Glee Street, Atlanta, GA, 30301

Phone: (555) 555-5555 Fax: (777)777-7777

September 16, 2013

Joyce R. Rogers

Executive Accounting Manager

Software Pro’s Incorporated

Dear Mrs. Rogers,

I am pleased to send you the enclosed Request for Proposal for Hairy’s Queens family restaurant to upgrade their software and hardware components for smoother transactions and improved efficiency­­. We will be awaiting your response concerning the system enhancement.

Please submit your response to our request at 8pm EST on September, 20, 2013 to the following:

Mr. George Downing

Hairy Queen’s Family Restaurant

52 Glee Street

Atlanta, Ga, 30301


Mr. George Downing, Owner

Hairy Queen’s Family Restaurant

52 Glee Street, Atlanta, GA, 30301

Enclosed: Request for Proposal Upgraded Software and Hardware Components

Request for Proposal

About Hairy Queen’s

Hairy Queen’s is a family-oriented chain restaurant that focuses on delivering high quality food products and services to its customers. Hairy Queens’ is grounded in several cities of North Carolina and supports communities with healthy meals programs such as Meals on Wheels.

With leading the North Carolina industry with small business and family orientated sales, Hairy Queen’s bases the menu from polling and customer research about tastes and orientations, and we plan to develop and renovate our locations to make them look good and pleasant for the customers. Those developments necessitate design improvements and software updates to accommodate a growing customer base.

We try to maintain the software in our restaurant to retain good quality services, ensure the customers’ satisfaction and attempt the corporate objectives. This installation will be made October 1st at 10pm. The carefully selected engineers will follow a defined protocol in order to not disturb the guests and workers, as we have chosen a later time at night for this convenience. Furthermore, an information letter will be sent to each employee stating the situation. This letter will ensure the understanding between both engineers and employees parties. Mr. David Johnson let at the disposal a report on the fixtures and fittings of each restaurant, as well as a list of current technological assets. This report can be reached by email at and by mail at: David Johnson, General Manager/Hairy Queens, 52 Glee Street, Atlanta, GA, 30301. He may be reached by phone at 979-678-4500 or by fax at 777-777-7777. For technical questions, please contact Ms. Brenda White by email at, by phone at 979-678-4600, by fax at 979-678-4601 or by mail at the same business address.

Project Description

Hairy Queen’s is seeking a supplier to administer and present a software program that will improve the functions of our daily sales, and upgraded hardware to host this new software in our two restaurants in North Carolina. Two stores will be scheduled for the software and hardware upgrades with an approximate ten terminals for both locations.

Technical Requirements

The supplied computers, interactive terminals, and retail software shall meet the following requirements:

  • All hardware and software shall be compatible with each other.
  • The supplier shall conduct extensive tests on the software and system compatibility and provide documentation of these tests before the company will accept it.
  • The supplier shall provide all documentation on supplied hardware and software.
  • The supplied software must have the ability to be easily upgraded as future needs call for it.
  • In addition to the ability to register point-of-sale transactions, the software will have systems in place to assist in the planning of menus and keep track of employees’ schedules.
  • The software shall have the ability to automate payroll and the tracking of overtime.
  • The software should have the capability to backup any information registered in it.
  • The entirety of the setup shall be installed at both Hairy Queen’s locations.


The merchant will train our managers and owner on the new software, as well showing them the requirements and maintenance of the hardware for each of the terminals that will have five per store. The vendor will specify the length and costs of the training program.

Cost Analysis

The vendor should provide detailed costs of the specific hardware and software items, amount of labor, and system maintenance for ten years following Hairy Queen’s acceptance of the terms.

Delivery Schedule

Site Preparation

Division of Responsibilities

Description of Vendor


Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The Company will evaluate all proposals on a point system as follows:

Points Description
700 Technical Qualifications (Experience with requested system development and installation)
150 Management Experience (Customer references and any prior relationship with company)
100 Price (Including projected cost savings/cost avoidance data)
50 Presentation (thoroughness, clarity, and accuracy)
1,000 Total Points


Vendors planning to submit proposals can obtain copies of the appendix information cited throughout this RFP by writing or e-mailing their request to Jennifer Lawrence/Hairy Queen’s/52 Glee St./Atlanta, GA, 30301. She may also be reached at , or if you prefer phone at (555) 888-8888, or by fax at (777) 777-7777.