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Brochure Assignment Writing Example

Hilary Underwood

COMM 303



Brochure Assignment

Brochure for PRSSSA Visual

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Paint PR Purple! (or “Purple your PR!”)

Photo of students working at meetings and firms


Western Carolina Chapter

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Our History

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is the world’s largest and most widely known pre-professional public relations organization. Founded in 1968 by its parent society, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), PRSSA has 9,600 members in 284 chapters across the country.

The Western Carolina University chapter of this national organization is for all communication, marketing, and other majors who will do anything with PR and any communication activities.

Beyond Graduation

How can PRSSA help you beyond WCU? We offer ways to improve your portfolio and items to add to your resume` for a better portfolio when an employer is looking to hire.

Your network starts here with your colleagues in school. Use it to your advantage and link with your classmates now so you have supporters in the job world.

We offer a cheaper version of PRSA, the professional society that all PR professionals are in. PRSA Offers jobs that are specialized to public relations and a network of people just like you to assist in job hunting or projects. We provide you the resources and guidance to get you jumpstarted in the career field.

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What’s in it for you?

WCU Member Benefits

  • Learn communicative, research, and computer application skills that will send you forward.
  • Attend workshops to target your resume and portfolio for internships and your future career
  • Receive expert advice from alumni and guest speakers
  • PRSSA to find the right internship for you
  • Reduced membership dues when graduating to PRSA.

National Benefits

Enhance Your Education. PRSSA can recommend the best places to study public relations throughout the nation or abroad. We help you get the experience, achievements and knowledge employers are seeking.

Opportunities to Exceed. PRSSA offers internship listings, competitions, leadership opportunities, scholarships, publications, news and social media to keep you informed and working with industry trends.

Broaden Your Network. PRSSA is focuses on what PR is all about­—relationships. Our chapter assists you in making those key connections with future colleagues in national and regional chapters and successful PRSA members whom are already working their career in the field of PR.

Ignite Your Career. As a PRSSA member, you can use the PRSA job center to find public relations employment opportunities all over the world. You also may join PRSA for just $60 a year as an Associate Member when you graduate, connecting you to 110 Chapters, 16 Professional Interest Sections, and resources especially for new professionals.

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If I’m a freshman, can I still join?

Yes! Our chapter encourages all class levels to join. There are plenty of opportunities for any future members to learn and grow.

If I join, what can I expect?

Our chapter provides key information to keep you ahead in the job field along with opportunities for professional growth and connecting with your colleagues. PRSSA is not only about the meetings, but the volunteer work we do along with workshops, conferences, and socials. Everything from planning events, writing articles, and finding your niche` is going one of the few things to expect when you join PRSSA.

Does the WCU chapter travel to any conferences?

Yes! We plan months ahead for national conferences, but we also travel to one day regional conferences that are close for an enhanced networking and professional experience.

How much does PRSSA cost?

For the WCU chapter dues cost is $60 total; $50 goes to nationals and $10 goes to the chapter treasury.

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PRSSA has access to school scholarships.

Here are a few examples of the possible scholarships:

  • Axia Public Relations Scholarship ($2,000)
  • Robin M. Urbanski Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Daniel J. Edelman/PRSSA Award for the Outstanding Public Relations Student ($2,400 and an internship)

For more information concerning scholarships, visit


PRSSA’s national newspaper, FORUM, is an opportunity for you to gain valuable writing experience, expand your portfolio and improve your resume by being published nationally. Our chapter submits articles here and encourages industry trends, professional development, and career preparation.


Catamount Communications (CAT-COMM) is WCU’s student-run public relations firm. Students take on real clients, either on campus or in the community. They design and implement public relations tactics using skills learned in their classes. PRSSA volunteers our services to them to help lighten the client load.

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Contact Information

Social Media Information for:

  • UC Dogwood Room at 6 p.m. on Mondays