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Why work for Google?

Because Google is awesome.


Google isn’t just a search engine— it’s a huge company that has over 18,500 employees in the US.

“The reason why Google is such a great workplace, is because the company believes that treating people well is more important than making a lot of money” (Top 5 Reasons Why Google is the Best Company to Work For).

There is a key reason I want to work for Google: I’m loyal to the enterprise. Who do you go to when you have a question to search on the internet? Google has a clean layout and tons of results for almost any subject you can type.

I enjoy working with computers, but I am no computer information system major. Technology is a niche` for me that I enjoy that’s one reason I’m highly considering working for Google and seeing it as a future career goal. However, that’s not the only reason I want to work for them.

They are one of the highest rating businesses with handfuls of awards on how they treat their employees. In addition, they have received a handful of awards for their treatment of LGBTQA+ staff and personnel— those awards are imperative to me when looking for a job. There are only a handful of states left in the U.S. where someone can be fired for being LGBTQA+, and I wouldn’t want to work for a company who is “left behind” on the ethical times. Google is up to date and is always friendly.

Lastly, my interactions with Google on a more personal level have been a pleasant experience. They’ve assisted me with numerous problems with YouTube and have helped me transfer channel content. If I can give other people the same pleasant experience they’ve given me, why wouldn’t I want to work for a massive growing company? It’s handy that they’ve recently set up shop in Charlotte, NC, which is roughly three hours from my household. They have been on my list of “future employment goals” for a long time.