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Interviewing the Porter Novelli Team

Day in the life of corporate PR

porter_novelli_logo_detailI visited Porter Novelli on their Shadow Day. Here is an interview with some of their team members during the Q&A session of the panel.

What kind of different tasks do you deal with on a daily basis?

“Being in public relations is like being a professional firefighter,” said Eduardo Lopez, crisis analyst. Lopez went on to say that when companies have a “fire,” PR professionals are there to put it out.

Nicole McClellan, told us about her client Hewlett-Packard, which doesn’t deal with only computers, but more so ginormous printers that span across whole rooms to print murals for the sides of buildings and large billboards.

What kind of skills does it take to work for corporate PR?

“Always be ready to learn something new every day.” — Nicole McClellan

McClellan spoke about how one needs to have an excitement for learning. It sounds cliché` to say that, but in the end it was very true. Whether it be how to work an excel spreadsheet or a new project from your client, working for a corporate PR company will widen your knowledge horizons in various fields.

I’m working a non-career job to support myself. I keep hearing the word internship coming up and it has me worried because I currently have no internship experience. Do you have any advice for that?

Most of the panel had experience with multiple jobs and agreed on this advice: “If you are able to juggle all of these different items, this proves that you’re good at multi-tasking. Which is essential in PR work,” said McClellan.

If a hiree does not have much internship experience, then companies will be looking at your online portfolio.

What did I learn?

There is no “nine to five” mentality— one leaves when the job is completed for the day. However, despite the workload the job is rewarding in itself when their client’s success rate soars from their hard work and team effort.

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